Canadian Prime Minister discusses weed legalization in a 50-minute interview

Canadian Prime Minister discusses weed legalization in a 50-minute interview

Justin Trudeau wants Canada to be the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to regulate cannabis use


July 1 is Canadian national day. They celebrate their independence from the United Kingdom (1867). July 1, 2018, could also be a new date of celebration and in that case cannabis community would also join.

The government of Canada has proposed that day the beginning of a new era for smokers where marijuana would be fully legal in its national territory. If the legislative process is passed, it’ll be the second country in the world to make it possible, after Uruguay. In the United States, voters in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada passed their legalization last year and joined other states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, but in these cases the measure doesn’t affect the whole country.

Marijuana legalization and regulation for recreational use was an electoral promise of current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and seems to have broad support from the population.

Canadian lawmakers have already begun to give the first steps to turn this project into reality. The purchase and consumption will be limited to adults and each individual will be allowed to possess a maximum of 30 grams. At home, Canadians will be able to have a maximum of four plants and there will be intense control and harsh penalties for those driving under the effects of cannabis. The government estimates that some 4.6 million Canadians will consume 655 tons of cannabis per year.

But one of the most complicated aspects is to give arguments and try to convince those Canadians that still have doubts about it. How to explain the benefits of legalizing and regulating the production, distribution, sale and consumption of marijuana.

And as the process has just begun, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has granted a 50-minute interview to Vice to talk exclusively about marijuana and the bill to legalize it. An unprecedented gesture for the top leader of the tenth world economic power and G7 member.

This way begins a public relations process that can benefit not only the cause of Canada’s cannabis users but also those around the whole world. The snowball, step by step, is getting bigger and bigger. Unstoppable?

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