Blimburn Seeds’ production rooms | Blimburn TV #165

We pay special attention to Cherry Haze, a cannabis seed that Kyle Kushman gave to us in our journey to California.

We visit Blimburn Seeds’ production rooms to check the evolution of our American genetics

Several months ago we visited Jimmy in our production seeds rooms, who told us the whole process of growing marijuana seeds, the products chosen and the material needed for an optimum result. After a while, Blimburn TV returns to check the condition of our seeds, and the printing can not be better. All have evolved to perfection and have grown green and leafy, ready to give the best seeds possible to the bank of Blimburn Seeds.

Our cannabis grower shows us one by one some of the most interesting varieties of this crop. Plants are very different from each other from their genetics, structure to the color of their leaves, which can be an attractive bluish color. One is the Cherry Haze, the seed that Kyle Kushman gave us on our trip to California, where we were able to see first-hand his Vegamatrix products.

In the absence of a few days for the term of the crop, we can say that we are very happy with the result. The great work of Jimmy has paid off and in short they will be ready to go on sale and delight collectors and consumers.

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