Blimburn Seeds and the future of the cannabis industry | Blimburn TV #168

Do not miss the new Blimburn TV program. We interview Sergio Martínez, from BBG Projects and Blimburn Seeds. In our meeting, he spoke about his cannabis seeds bank genetics, the future of the cannabis industry and the potential of Spain as a marijuana producer.

Sergio Martínez talks about Blimburn Seeds’ genetics and also the future of the world of marijuana.

Expogrow Business Barcelona held at the beginning of March is still giving to talk. First, because of the importance of an appointment that provided time and space for companies from the cannabis industry to do business and improve their relationships. Afterwards, because bringing together such important people in the cannabis sector has been a very revealing fact, and that is that everyone has a lot to say.

One of them, Sergio Martínez, from BBG Projects and Blimburn Seeds, a bank of cannabis seeds. From our meeting we have been able to clarify a little more what is the situation of Spanish cannabis industry at this moment. According to Sergio, despite the legislation and the government, the industry is moving forward, growing and showing a good face against stereotypes.

On the other hand, like any other sector of a country’s economy, the marijuana industry looks to the future. One in which more and more countries are joining the list of legalization, because this guarantees high quality standards so that everything has an impact on a better final product.

According to Sergio Martinez, Spain, one of the largest producers of cannabis in the world, could take advantage of favorable legislation by creating even a denomination of origin to boost and give greater visibility even to local brands, which already benefit from the excellent weather conditions that Spain has as a cannabis producer.

In our meeting with the director of Blimburn Seeds there has also been time to talk about how a sporadic cannabis consumer ends up dedicating his life to the plant. Purely personal aspects that bring the cannabis industry closer to the consumer of marijuana, but also to those who are still reluctant to open up to know this world that raises so many passions among millions of people.

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