Berlin discusses the future of cannabis seeds

Berlin discusses the future of cannabis seeds

It is feared that big companies could take over and monopolize the cultivation


The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), a nomadic event that travels all around the world, took place in Berlin in mid-April. Its last edition devoted much of its attention to discuss the future of seeds and the importance of further research and experimentation with genetics.

Specialists in cannabis genetics such as Alan Dronkers, Reggie Gaudino and Darryl Hudson presented a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Cannabis Genetics in a Global Commercial Marketplace”. They revolved around the changes that are expected in the domain of cannabis genetics from the new legislations and business perspectives brought by the growing awareness in favor of cannabis legalization.

One of the main concerns of the sector is a hypothetical future in which large corporations could take ownership and monopolize the cultivation of marijuana seeds. A dystopian world quite far from what advocates and activists of the cannabis culture have dreamed about.

The ICBC is a deeply rooted in activism, high-level business-focused event dedicated to the emerging cannabis industry. This Berlin edition featured, among other things, a number of conferences on various medical cannabis-centred topics. In Europe it’s not possible to go further… yet.

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