A rabbi, priest and atheist smoke weed together

Cannabis shows all its power in this video in which three different people have a deep talk about the world and religion.

Kim, Chris and Carlos enjoy marijuana together while talking about religion, God and also the Universe.


The Viral YT gathers a rabbi, priest and atheist to smoke weed. Kim, Chris and Carlos spend together more than an hour talking about legal situation of cannabis, religion, God and even extraterrestrial life; but what highlights the most is the nice environment they create, being different people with opposite points of view, and watch them enjoy themselves around a marijuana pipe.

“I’m here to experience one of God’s creations”, Kim says, the rabbi, who confess having smoked pot some years ago. On his behalf, priest Chris Schulzer just smoked some weed on high school. Meanwhile, Carlos, homosexual and atheist, is a usual smoker.

As time passes, the three men experience cannabis’ effects. While Kim does not separate from his joint, Chris suffers the smoke heat and feels slower and slower little by little, but the conversation flows and emphasize in deep issues that they can handle with the absolutest normality.

After more than 70 minutes talking, blessings and even an anointing with weed ashes, there is no doubt that this is the beginning of a great friendship. We hope seeing them again of course, because they have won us all with their kindness.

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