5 tips to dry and cure marijuana buds

After carrying out a good cultivation of the plant, caring for the buds until maturing is an essential process.

Drying and curing marijuana buds is a complex process that needs good tools and total dedication

Cultivating marijuana plants and carrying out all what is needed until the obtention of buds for consumption is a long process that needs attention and caring. After the germination of the seed, when the plant is ready to be cut, it comes the most difficult part of the development: the drying and the curing. Now here there are 5 tips to get an excellent result:

1. Drying upside down and in low light

Drying normally takes two weeks, depending on climate conditions. There exists a myth that says this way is unproductive due to resin goes down, but it is completely wrong. The resin will never go down from its place.

2. Maintaining a medium temperature and a low humidity

It all depends on the climate of the zone, but it is crucial to avoid humidity so as to mold does not appear. It would spoil the plant.

3. Glass is for dry zones; wood is for wet ones

Once the bud is dry, it must be cured with the view of preserving it from oxygen. It must be opened temporarily or keeping it packaged in a vacuum. Furthermore, glass is used for dry zones whereas wood absorbs residues. In any case, it must be kept away from light.

4. Avoiding plastics

Majority of supermarkets sell plastic containers. This causes that people use them sometimes for curing, but it is a great mistake because it gives a different flavor to the bud.

5. No more than a year curing

Two months are enough for optimum curing despite the fact that the more the bud will stay on the container the better its flavor will be. This is because elements like chlorophyll, that induces cough and headache, will have totally disappeared. Finally, the plant will start deteriorating if the process longs more than twelve months.

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