4 tips to smoke marijuana on music festivals

If you are a cannabis smoker and also a music and festivals lover, do not miss these four tips.

We give you some recommendations so as to introduce marijuana in concerts

Summer is around the corner and music festivals are becoming sold out. Lots of people take for granted that marijuana can be introduced in them, but there are a lot of restrictions, contrary to what is generally thought. In most festivals it is completely forbidden marijuana consumption, included those with permission because of some kind of illness.

Even so there are some methods to go to festivals with cannabis and being able to enjoy with the unbeatable experience of mixing music and marijuana. Authorities and security guards know that mosts of people will enter with it, but they will keep establishing controls to prevent it. Thanks to these tips you would be those who are not caught.

1. Hide marijuana in hidden places

Shocks, smallest pockets and underwear are the most favorite places to hide marijuana so as to enter the concert. Forget about carrying it in common places. You have more exit probabilities in this way.

2. Smoke within the crowd

The best option to enjoy marijuana and music is hiding within the crowd. In this way you can smoke without bearing in mind the cops or security guards, who will have to do their best to see you smoking. If this happens you will have the opportunity to run away.

3. Exhale your clouds downwards

The smoke uses to go up and it is easily seen by many meters. So, avoid inhaling and exhaling in the habitual position. In its place it is essential to exhale downwards to make the smoke disappear among the multitude.

4. Know your rights

It can be unavoidable being caught by security guards. In this case it is crucial to know your rights, not only to know what they are allowed to do or not, but also to be prepared for what questions they can ask to you and what you must answer.

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