American society is strongly aware of marijuana situation. Even more since some states legalized it and Donald Trump became president. Here you can read and watch marijuana legalization and medical news, among others, to be totally informed of what happens in marijuana world, cannabis sector and the most important events in the USA and the rest of the world.

Marijuana in the supermarket? Lidl has made it possible

Marijuana in the supermarket? In Switzerland, as of June, cannabis can be purchased in Lidl. The sale is legal as long as the THC does not exceed 1%.

CHK Solutions, representative of the major brands of the cannabis industry...

CHK Solutions is the European representative of some of the biggest brands in the cannabis industry in the United States and the rest of the world. We met its director, Julien Graille, at the Expogrow Business Barcelona, where he analyzed the future of marijuana in Spain.

Is the marijuana you’re smoking safe?

How do you know that the marijuana you are smoking is safe? The laboratories of cannabis analysis are proliferating and become a fundamental pillar for the cannabis industry of the future, where they can put their seal of quality on products that meet the essential standards for consumption.

Adelanto, the bankrupt town saved by marijuana

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has been a breath of fresh air for Adelanto, a California town of just over 30,000 that is enjoying the benefits of the cannabis industry.

Legal marijuana will exceed soft drinks sales in 2030

75,000 million dollars. This is the amount of money that a consultant expects the legal marijuana industry will sell in 2030. In contrast, soft drinks sales will continue falling until they are surpassed by cannabis, an industry that does not stop growing.

This basketball player says that 85% of the NBA smokes marijuana

Bomb in the NBA! A former player with a long career in the league ensures that most players, including technicians, consume marijuana. All of this is encompassed in a context in which the use of cannabis in the league remains illegal.

Happy 4/20: the real story that gave birth to the myth

Happy 4/20 to all! Happy World Marijuana Day! Do you know the true story of the 420 number? In this post we tell you its origin, away from legends and false myths.

Snoop Dogg reveals the only person to out-smoke him

Snoop Dogg was on Jimmy Kimmel's live show to talk about his new album 'Bible of Love' and his love for cannabis. According to the rapper, only once did a person smoke more marijuana than he did. Do you know who can it be?

Argentine police claim rats ate 540 marijuana kilos

Eight Argentine policemen, in charge of guarding 6,000 kilos of marijuana, said that, after the loss of 540 kilos of cannabis, the rats could be behind the disappearance of more than half a ton of weed.

“Cooking with herb”, Bob Marley’s daughter cookbook

Cedella Marley, daughter of the well-known reggae singer and icon of the Rastafarian culture, Bob Marley, presents her new book, entitled "Cooking with herb", where she details 70 recipes with cannabis and some of the best anecdotes of her life with her parents.
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