La industria del cannabis, el sector que más rápido genera empleo en Estados Unidos

Cannabis industry, fastest growing sector of employment in the United States

The cannabis industry in a rising sector. In the United States more than 200,000 people work for cannabis, and states like California already benefit from the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use.
El consumo de cannabis medicinal estará permitido en el Mundial de Rusia

Medical cannabis will be allowed in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Good news for patients who treat their medical cannabis ailments and for the world of marijuana in general. Those who go to Russia to enjoy the World Cup may consume medicinal cannabis, as long as they carry the appropriate and relevant documentation.
Cómo informar a los jóvenes sobre el cannabis

How to inform young people about cannabis

Are you worried about your children smoking marijuana? Take a look at this article on how to inform young people about cannabis. We give you a clue: education is the key.
Marijuana in the supermarket? Lidl has made it possible

Marijuana in the supermarket? Lidl has made it possible

Marijuana in the supermarket? In Switzerland, as of June, cannabis can be purchased in Lidl. The sale is legal as long as the THC does not exceed 1%.
CHK Solutions, representante de las grandes marcas de la industria del cannabis

CHK Solutions, representative of the major brands of the cannabis industry | Blimburn TV...

CHK Solutions is the European representative of some of the biggest brands in the cannabis industry in the United States and the rest of the world. We met its director, Julien Graille, at the Expogrow Business Barcelona, where he analyzed the future of marijuana in Spain.