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How to grow Grizzly Purple Kush Auto cannabis seeds in Europe

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

From Blimburn Seeds, we bring you the best tips and tricks. Also, we are committed to all growers in the world to maximize their outdoor growing production. In other words, we will make you an expert grower and lover of our seeds.


First, because GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO is the little monster that is born by crossing our incredible CRITICAL Auto with an exclusive selection of Purple Afghani and a Rudelaris who gives it the automatic character.

GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO is a strain of indica tendency. The lineage of this strain is perfect for people that like small plants because they have discrete space for growing.

Finally, this magnificent strain leaves no marijuana grower indifferent. In addition, from its first days of flowering, it gives fruity, lemon and citrus aromas. This great ally is ideal for having a feeling sleep, relaxing and calming.

However, we didn’t forget the most important thing. It has an indoor flowering period of 10 to 11 weeks, but we recommend 11 weeks for optimal maturation. Also, outdoors you can harvest your crop from April to September.


Do you think you can grow outdoors in Europe?

Yes, you can grow outdoors in Europe. First of all, please read our seven points carefully. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or to place your seed order. Finally, after this introduction we start with the tips and tricks:

geographic 1

Europe is one of the continents that make up the Eurasian supercontinent. In addition, due to its vast territory and geographical location, it can be divided into four climatic zones:

Cold Climate

Firstly, this type of climate is found in northern Europe. Secondly, the countries that have this type of climate are: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. In addition, also in mountainous areas such as in the Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central of France.

This type of climate makes the conditions for growing marijuana quite hard, the cold reigns. Therefore, long and cold winters. In addition, short summers.

Continental Climate

First of all, it covers the interior of the European continent and the interior of the Iberian Peninsula, so we can locate it in the Spanish Plateau, and in the interior of France, Germany, all Central Europe, the Balkans, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Russia.

This type of climate is characterized by temperature contrasts between seasons. First of all, summers can be hot. However, winters are dry and cold. Moreover, in the summer months, there are usually storms with frequent rains.

Oceanic Climate

First of all, this type of climate covers all countries close to the Atlantic Ocean, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and parts of Spain and Germany have a maritime climate.

This type of climate is characterized by high humidity and frequent rainfall. Therefore, it has cool summers with some heat waves and mild winters.

Mediterranean climate

Firstly, this type of climate covers all southern European countries. Secondly, countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and the south of France, have this characteristic climate, with hot and dry summers and mild winters. In other words, it is a perfect climate as frosts rarely occur in winter.

outdoor 1

In addition, we must be clear about the area where we live. We must take into account other important factors in outdoor cultivation in Europe. First of all, temperature and sunshine hours are very important. In addition, the location where our small seeds of the GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO will later become delicious cannabis plants.

In general, from the end of April or early of may is the perfect time for start your project with an autoflowering strain as GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO, because you can harvest in the middle or end of September.

Depending on the climate we leave you several points to take into account:

Cold climate

First of all, countries with this type of climate have to take into account that summers end quickly. In addition, the days become shorter and shorter. Secondly, you have to take into account the days you have to cultivate. Thirdly, we recommend strains with a flowering time of 60 to 90 days. Finally, remember that the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature.

As a tip, protect your plants with tarpaulins for cold nights or have a heating system.

Continental Climate

Firstly, countries with this type of climate where summers are hot and winters are cold, it is important to select vines that withstand these seasonal changes. Secondly, because of the summer rains and the humidity that occurs, it is important to select strains that are resistant to mildew. Finally, due to the strong winds that occur in this climate, selecting medium to small size marijuana plants will be the best choice.

Oceanic Climate

First of all, countries with this type of climate have a high humidity produced by the proximity to the sea and rainfall. Therefore, it is important to select strains resistant to mold.

Don’t be afraid of mildew on your plants. By training and good aeration, you will achieve better air circulation and avoid mildew.

Secondly, in some countries their growing period is shortened due to this climate. Therefore, it is important to look for strains with short flowering periods. Finally, we advise you to germinate your marijuana plants indoors, due to the low temperatures that occur during the night. In other words, better to be safe than to lose our precious plants.

Mediterranean climate

First of all, it is one of the most perfect climates to grow our marijuana plants. Secondly, this type of climate is ideal for its good temperatures and low rainfall. However, we must take into account the heat waves and high temperatures that can occur in some countries. Finally, we advise you to place your crop in areas with air currents for those hot months.

soil 1

The medium where we grow our GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO is important. Firstly, we have to be clear if we are going to grow directly on land or on pots.

If we grow our cannabis seeds in pots, we have no problem since we will use any soil on the market that is already fertilized and with its fertilizers.

Finally, if we cultivate directly on land. We advise to condition the soil first. In addition, remove the surface soil about 10cm and add worm humus to ensure the growth of the plant, red guano or dry bird guano, which you can buy in any garden store, to guarantee a great flowering and trichodermas, beneficial fungus for the protection of the roots and stimulate the microbiotic life of the soil.

These fungi will be your allies to get robust and high-yielding plants.

In conclusion, our culture medium is very important to obtain large resin buds from our GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO

photoperiod 1

Firstly, photoperiod 20/4 is very important for the development of any autoflowering plant. Secondly, at the Outdoor point we reflect how many hours of light our EUROPE-grown plants receive. Finally, outdoors, most autoflowering strains will naturally enter flowering in an automatic way.

When the GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO enter in flowering, need 18 hours of light and 6 of dark

The autoflowering plants in general start the flowering in the 4 or 6 week of life and finish all the process between the 10 to 12 weeks of life.

nutriens 1

Firstly, GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO is a quality strain and many growers have confirmed to us that it can be grown perfectly in any region of the EUROPE.

In other words, we are very proud to work hard for great results. Also, it is a plant that grows vigorously when we provide quality nutrients.

For GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO is not necessary to abuse the nutrient, when you grow outdoor, with a minimum of ml of fert per liters of water the plant can feel great.

The best nutrients for GRIZZLY PURPLE AUTO are the organic fert, because when you grow outdoor is better the fert of slow-release.

harvest 1

Finally, we reached the most anticipated point. After a long time of cultivation comes the harvest. Now it’s time to harvest your marijuana, the result of your effort is near.

Firstly, the best time to cut our marijuana plant is when several factors appear.

  1. Color change of the pistils. Firstly, pistils are born white. However, as harvest time approaches, they change from white to brown.
  2. Color change of our leaves. Firstly, we will notice how the leaves start to pick up a yellow color. This is due to the lack of nutrients and is a trigger for our marijuana plant to be ready.
  3. Observe the trichomes. Observing trichomes throughout the plant stage is important. Finally, the change from crystalline to amba color is a big trigger that our marijuana plant is ready to be harvested.

health 1

In this last point, we highlight the importance of GRIZZLY PURPLE KUSH AUTO for your health.

First, as genetics indicates, it will help you improve sleep states, if you suffer from insomnia or some similar pathology. On the other hand, body aches will be relieved thanks to this incredible genetic and will keep you calm.

In conclusion, GRIZZLY PURPLE KUSH is a special genetic for medicinal users looking for a moment of calm between their therapies.

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