How to grow BRUCE BANNER 3 FBV cannabis seeds in Canada

From Blimburn Seeds, we bring you the best tips and tricks. Also, we are committed to all growers in the world to maximize their outdoor growing production. In other words, we will make you an expert grower and lover of our seeds.

Why choose BRUCE BANNER #3 FBV?

In this article, we are going to talk about how to grow our famous BRUCE BANNER #3 FBV outdoors in CANADA. First of all, it is a strain from a lineage of champions such as OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Secondly, it is a strain that is in line Fast Blooming of Blimburn Seeds, that is to say, it has a fast flowering time. Therefore, it has a flowering time of 50 to 60 days. Also, it has powerful balanced effects full of euphoria and energy that give you a good dose of creativity, with earthy flavors under a fragrance of sweet berries of the forest and small notes of diesel.



Do you think you can grow outdoors in the CANADA?

Yes, you can grow outdoors in the CANADA. First of all, please read our seven points carefully. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or to place your seed order. Finally, after this introduction we start with the tips and tricks:

geographic 1

Canada’s climate is as varied as its territory. The vast size of Canada’s territory offers everything from warm and humid climate zones on the Pacific coast to cold and polar zones in the arctic. Within these extremes, Canada has other climatic varieties. In other words, the areas closer to the north will have a colder climate. In conclusion, these colder areas have to be better conditioned for marijuana cultivation.

outdoor 1

Also, to be clear about the area where we live. We must take into account other important factors in outdoor cultivation in the CANADA. Firstly, the temperature and hours of sunshine are very important. Also, the location where our small seeds of the BRUCE BANNER 3 FBV will then become large cannabis plants.

Next, a temperature calendar and hours of sunshine during the different growing months:

January February

Firstly, these two months are very important to look for a good growing area. Also, see the orientation of the sun.

Due to heavy frosts, the first two months of our plants’ growth must be kept under cover.

  • March
    •  Indoor
  • April
    •  Indoor
  • May
    •  Hours of Sunshine in  May:  15 Hours • Average Temperature:  3–16 ºC
  • June
    •  Hours of Sunshine in  June:  16.5 hours • Average  temperature:  8 –20  ºC
  • July
    •  Hours of Sunshine in  July:  16.5 hours • Average temperature:  10–24 ºC
  • August
    •  Hours of Sunshine in  August:  15.5 hours • Average  temperature:  8–22  ºC
  • September
    •  Hours of Sunshine  in September:  13.5 hours • Average  temperature:  4–18 ºC
  • October
    •  Duration of the day October 1:  11.5 hours • Average temperature:  -1–12 ºC

Also, this calendar with its hours sun and temperatures. Firstly, it’s important to prevent. In other words, growers in southern CANADA areas must have canvases in the event of sudden rains or cold days.

soil 1

The medium where we grow our BRUCE BANNER #3 FBV is important. Firstly, we have to be clear if we are going to grow directly on land or on pots.

If we grow our cannabis seeds in pots, we have no problem since we will use any soil on the market that is already fertilized and with its fertilizers.

Finally, if we cultivate directly on land. We advise to condition the soil first. In addition, remove the surface soil about 10cm and add worm humus to ensure the growth of the plant, red guano or dry bird guano, which you can buy in any garden store, to guarantee a great flowering and trichodermas, beneficial fungus for the protection of the roots and stimulate the microbiotic life of the soil.

These fungi will be your allies to get robust and high-yielding plants.

In conclusion, our culture medium is very important to obtain large resin buds from our BRUCE BANNER #3 FBV.

photoperiod 1

Firstly, photoperiod 12/12 is very important for the development of any plant. Secondly, at the Outdoor point we reflect how many hours of light our UK-grown plants receive. Finally, outdoors, most strains will naturally enter flowering when there are less than 15 hours of light daily.

Very important situation for daylight hours. Also, or just as important is light pollution. If our plants need 12 hours of light, they also need 12 hours to sleep.

nutriens 1

Firstly, BRUCE BANNER #3 FBV is a quality strain and many growers have confirmed to us that it can be grown perfectly in any region of the UK.

In other words, we are very proud to work hard for great results. Also, it is a plant that grows vigorously when we provide quality nutrients.

harvest 1

Finally, we reached the most anticipated point. After a long time of cultivation comes the harvest. Now it’s time to harvest your marijuana, the result of your effort is near.

Firstly, the best time to cut our marijuana plant is when several factors appear.

  1. Color change of the pistils. Firstly, pistils are born white. However, as harvest time approaches, they change from white to brown.
  2. Color change of our leaves. Firstly, we will notice how the leaves start to pick up a yellow color. This is due to the lack of nutrients and is a trigger for our marijuana plant to be ready.
  3. Observe the trichomes. Observing trichomes  throughout the plant stage is important. Finally, the change from crystalline to amba color is a big trigger that our marijuana plant is ready to be harvested.

health 1

Finally, it is a high quality strain with hybrid lineage. Also, it has powerful balanced effects full of euphoria and energy that give you a good dose of creativity. It is also ideal for those who suffer from stress or eating problems.

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