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Esta potente variedad con dominancia Indica, es una de las plantas más bonitas y coloreadas que nos llena de sabor y olor a uvas de vino dulce y frutos del bosque.

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Ganadora de gran número de premios desde que llego al mercado en 2003 y original de California es el resultado del cruce de una Purple Urkel con una Big Bud. Productora de grandes hojas tipo arbusto, con espacio internudal reducido y flores púrpuras brillantes. Es una variedad con gran potencial medicinal para reducir el dolor, las nauseas, inducción al sueño y calmar la ansiedad severa.


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Producción Exterior: 500 gr/planta
Producción Interior: 450 – 500 gr/m2
Floración Exterior: Octubre
Floración Interior: 60 – 65 días
Auto: No
Tipo: Dominancia Índica
Genética: Purple Urkel x Bigbud
Efecto: Calmado, Relajado
Altura: Media
THC: +25%
CBD: 0,3%
Sabor: Uva, Bayas


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5 valoraciones en GRANDADDY PURPLE

  1. Bob (propietario verificado)

    Great strain, easy germination, big buds and happiness! Thanks guys!

  2. Joshua (propietario verificado)

    I just cant get over how fast this plant grew and how big it got. I only gave it max 2 weeks to veg, had it under my 400w hps with 5 other girls and still pulled 6.43oz cured off of her.

    I didn’t have too much purple show up but some did in late flower. Smellstastes like skunky grapes. Chopped her down at 64 days flower. I’ve already ordered more.

  3. Huggomadd – Grow Diaries (propietario verificado)

    Blimburn’s Granddaddy Purple is truely a very good smoke!.. & is now a favorite of mine.

    Wanted to wait until the buds were fully cured before puffing on this lady. Wich is hard in itself. Lol. Patience can be apart of the building excitement anyway. That and who’d want to smoke quality herb when it’s not quite done yet.

    This beautiful girl created dense buds with an excellent aroma that leads you up to her intense array of flavors. Including and not limited to berries, grapes or a fine wine on your inhale and a faint creamy honey left on your pallet on the exhale. An extremely tasty and quality smooth smoke. Not just saying this.
    Being an indica dominate strain her high didn’t seem to make me very tired… or at least enough to make me pass out. That’s a good thing… don’t usually like falling asleep after a smoke session.

    The initial puff is very enjoyable. With uplifting, giggly or get up and go type feelings it’s nice for daytime use. But be careful, when her uplifting effects start wearing off a couple hours later you’ll want to take a seat and relax for a while. No matter what happens to be going on that moment, you’ll be looking to chillax’ for a good while. Until your next few puffs of course.

    GDP’s intense high lasted about two and a half to three hours without any hard come down.

    Recommend anyone to try a puff or two of GDP. She won’t disappoint.

  4. MyrceneGreen – Grow Diaries (propietario verificado)

    Buds didn’t fatten up as much as expected but are quite dense because it had quite the stretch and seemed to be a more sativa dominant pheno. The effect when consuming is a very nice relaxing body buzz and works extremely well for me for insomnia. The flowery grape taste typical of GDP is really starting to come out the longer I cure but the buds are also wafting with a beautiful caramel aroma

  5. Robinson Shellard (propietario verificado)

    Another great strain by blimburn seeds. Sprouted 2 seeds both grew well with the 1 growing much faster. Big big buds size of a small women’s arm very frosty smell is great although I don’t smell the grape but I never do smell anything but dank weed smell so maybe not the best person to say smell. She’s 8 weeks now have not tried the smoke but you can tell by the frost that she’s going to be good. Ty blimburn for this amazing strain. And look forward to growing many more blimburn strains. Only problem I had was she wanted cal mag early and I did not give it to her so I got a cal mag def. On both but a quick feeding and they were back in business

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