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Las 5 mejores variedades de cannabis para el insomnio.

Recently we talked about the power of cannabis as a recommended substance to combat multiple problems related to rest. To summarize, the keys are to take light cannabis, very low in THC, and consume marijuana in very small doses, only the necessary to induce the body and mind to sleep. However, we did not emphasize the right type of variety for this very specific type of problem. Below, we tell you the most famous genetics for their effectiveness in helping with sleep problems.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is probably the most famous Indica variety in the world and, consequently, one of the most used strains to treat sleep problems. Being a pure Indica, it stands out for its fisical power, perfect both to sleep and to treat migraines or muscle pain. In addition, this variety is not only suitable for its properties, but also for its flavor and aroma.

Purple Kush

It seems difficult to add a single variety of the Kush family to the list. Just as Kosher Kush or Afghan Kush are good choices both for their properties and for their taste, we are going to choose Purple Kush. This 100% indica relaxes the body and mind and frees them from stress and anxiety to imbue us in a state of absolute relaxation, perfect to fall asleep.

Granddaddy Purple

We already talked about it in the article on the effectiveness of cannabis to fall asleep. Undoubtedly, Granddaddy Purple is among the favorite genetics that specialists recommend to their patients with sleep problems. Its high levels of sedative terpenes make it perfect for relaxing and fighting insomnia.

Blue Cheese

This marijuana variety is not only perfect to fall asleep because of its Indica dominance, but also rewards you with a delicious flavor. The crossing of the strains Blueberry and UK Cheese result in a sweet and very aromatic variety that will provoke a state of physical peace, relaxing your muscles until you sink into a deep sleep.

White Widow

Another classic to add to the list. White Widow is on the tops of the best marijuana seed banks in the world. It is advisable to use it two hours before going to bed due to its high THC content, but after that time, you will be prepared to enjoy a deep rest.

These are some of the infinite possibilities that the Indica family offers to help you fall asleep. We invite you to try some of the list, or outside it, and let us know the result both in the comments section and on our social networks.