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Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Bulk online?

If you are a wholesaler and want to buy our products in bulk at the best price, we have opened our store:


Blimburn Seeds Bank, we have worked hard for 20 years to build a solid reputation and create our own line of feminized and regular photoperiod cannabis seeds.

We also have the larger collection in the market, of over 500 bulk Cannabis strains, Blimburn Guarantee

Amazing cannabis seeds, for high yields, high THC and CBD. The best autoflowering strains and the best selection of regular seeds for your own genetics.

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Why can we sell the best Marijuana strains quality at the lowest price on the market?

Our 20 years in the cannabis seeds industry allowed us to have contacts around the world so we can get the best elite clones to develop our seeds, at the same time our high volume of sales make possible to offer the best price if you purchase bigger quantity of seeds.

Looking for cheap wholesale marijuana seeds?

SAVE UP TO 50% when you buy our wholesale marijuana seeds in bulk.

Quality bulk cannabis seeds with unique and amazing genetics.  We save on packaging and increase the quantity of marijuana seeds so you can save money and have bulk seeds, feminized, regular, autoflowering, CBD autoflowering, Fast Version, CBD and CBG.

We have a qualified team to solve the doubts and questions of our breeders. In addition to a catalog with more than 500 bulk strains, Guaranteed Blimburn.

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Wholesale Cannabis Seed For Sale



We send our marijuana seeds from USA to USA.



We send our marijuana seeds from Spain to Europe.


We send our marijuana seeds to Thailand.



Contact us and we will assist you in a personalized way

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds for your Business

The best option for your business is to rely on a reputable seed bank. 20 years of hard work. Quality seeds, with 90% germination. Fast and guaranteed shipments.

The best Cannabis seeds in Bulk, Feminized, Regular, Autoflowering, CBD Autoflowering, Fast Version, CBD and CBG. Saving 55%. Sativa seeds with high yields. Indica seeds with high THC. Hybrid seeds with amazing flavors.

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Buy safely and Guarantee

Our Blimburn high quality feminized wholesale marijuana seeds are lab tested and genetics guaranteed!

Buy Weed Seeds Online is easy and safe from our website. Enjoy and live a unique experience when you buy cannabis seeds in Blimburn Seeds Bank, with a 90% germination. The same high quality as our products.

We are trusted and reputable online wholesale cannabis seeds distributors.

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The best Wholesale Marijuana strains for Medical Use

From Blimburn Seeds Bank, we have made the best selection of marijuana seeds for medical use.

Our feminized CBD bulk seeds have been tested in laboratories to have the exact range of THC and CBD that can be provided by growing plants rich in CBD.

Our qualified team will advise you at all times for the best selection of strains and get the most out of the hectares you want to grow.

Get Discounts on Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Saving 55%. Original, certified and high quality bulk seeds with up to 90% germination. Fast Shipping from Spain and the United States with maximum discretion and quality service.

Bulk Marijuana Seeds for Resale

From Blimburn Seeds Bank, we have competitive prices and guarantee. You want to create your own brand, your own online seed selling company or market your own marijuana seeds and don’t know how to start.

We have a qualified team that will help you in every moment, in the selection of your marijuana seeds. Forget about playing Russian roulette with your grows and turn weed into high yield harvests. They will advise you on the best cannabis seeds, according to your geography and your growing environment.

You can become a Master of Resale. With a catalog of more than 500 strains. We have everything you need to worry about the most important thing, which is selling.


Support 24/7

Want a personal touch? Our service agents and expert growers on the Blimburn Support Department are here to help. All your doubts about the payment method, the shipping method, questions about cultivation and much more will be resolved thanks to them.

Are you a Marijuana seeds Retailer, Distributor, Shop or Growshop?

For more than 20 years we have been working hard and providing coverage to numerous companies related to the cannabis seeds market. Blimburn Seeds Bank is a company committed to the marijuana culture.

You are looking for the best supplier of marijuana seeds, seriousness, high quality, fast shipping and direct contact 24/7 service, fill in our wholesale inquiry form below.

We doesn’t sacrifice quality for low prices, we guarantee 90% germination, we offer competitive pricing and massive selection that will help your commercial grow.

Which Wholesale Cannabis Seeds are the best sellers?

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