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10 Cannabis Pain Killing Strains for Migraines

Migraines can be annoying for people who suffer from them and can also damage the bodies of those affected.

Cannabis for years has been studied as a possible medical solution for migraine control and pain relief for patients.

In 2016, a study carried out by different researchers was published in the journal Pharmacotherapy, this analysis was developed between 2012 and 2014 with more than 120 adults who constantly suffered from migraines.

The research result showed that migraine attacks decreased from 10.4 to only 4.6 per month with the use of medical cannabis.

39% of the patients used medical cannabis preventively to avoid migraines, 19% of the patients felt that they controlled their migraines when using medical cannabis, 11% of the patients reported that they smoked cannabis and felt pain relief when inhaling marijuana.

The adverse effects of this cannabis treatment were drowsiness, which was manifested by 11% of the patients, and difficulties in controlling the effects of cannabis to the dose of consumption (1% of the patients)

Here we share 10 of the best varieties that will help you fight against the annoying migraine and relieve those pains that make your head suffer.

1. Chemdawg 4

Due to the high potency of this strain and also to its effect that is mental, relaxing, and also physical, it is that medical cannabis users recommend Chemdawg 4 for the control of migraines.

Chemdawg 4 is a mostly Indica variety, therefore it tends to induce sleep in users with various types of pain, as it has a unique anti-inflammatory quality.

All these properties of Chemdawg 4 are inherited from its ancestors that go back to some Skunk and Afghan varieties, originating from the high mountains.


2. Girl Scout Cookies

This famous variety, mostly Sativa, which was strongly popularized in the United States, is one of the great cannabis gems in the fight against migraine headaches since it can relieve pain in people suffering from this pathology.

The effects of Girls Scout Cookies range from a euphoria typical of Sativa varieties to a relaxation that does not leave you stuck in the chair, on the contrary, it is a bearable relaxation. The above is due to its ancestors which are the famous Sativa Durban Poison and the acclaimed Idica Og Kush.

To the above, we can add the rich sweet bouquet and a rich mint flavor.


3. Blue Dream

This American genetics has been characterized as the Blue Dream of cannabis growers and consumers.

Blue Dream enjoys being a variety used medicinally due to its relaxing and pleasant effects, some people describe Blue Dream as a train without brakes that leaves novice consumers knockout.

The Blue Dream genetics comes from a cross between Blueberry x Super Silver Haze, this can also give a duality to this genetics, on the one hand being completely overwhelming and on the other having activation sparks.


4. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a mostly sativa variety and is among the most famous worldwide.

This wonderful sativa is used in a medicinal way for different pathologies, people who need a boost to improve their mood, and obviously patients suffering from migraines, are the most recurrent medicinal users.

Sour Diesel is a polyhybrid that comes from a cross of Chemdawg x Northern Lights x Skunk, these parents give it that medicinal characteristic so acclaimed by medicinal users.


5. Dama Blanca

Dama Blanca, a mostly sativa variety, is born from the backcross of White Widow x White Widow. This version of the famous Widow concentrates all the medicinal power to combat annoying migraines.

For users looking for a rich flavor and a powerful but not overwhelming effect, the White Lady is perfect, because it does not leave you lying on the couch but it has good power that acts both brain and body.

Also, the flavor of Dama Blanca has fruity touches and its aroma evokes the exquisite Pineapple, for the same reason medicinal users will have medicine and delicious flavors and aromas guaranteed.


6. OG Kush

This classic variety and part of the cannabis hall of fame is one of the great medicinal genetics and one of the most used to cure migraines.

OG Kush is characterized by its sedative and calming effect, which is why it is perfect for people who suffer from migraines, as it will soothe their pain.

In some consumers, the effect of OG Kush produces a strong drowsiness effect, due to this many patients who suffer from migraines may benefit as it will help them to fall asleep deeply.

We recommend using OG Kush responsibly and not overstepping the limits so that your migraine therapy is not affected by excessive consumption and a bad trip.


7. Kyle`s Skywalker OG

It is a mostly indica variety that is characterized by its exquisite citrus aroma with a soft touch of fuel.

Kyle`s Skywalker OG is genetics made by the acclaimed American breeder, Kyle Kushman, who gave that medicinal touch to fight migraines to this beautiful strain since it is born from a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush.

Skywalker is a 50/50 hybrid genetics that is characterized by being a strain used by people who suffer from insomnia or anxiety, since it tends to calm its users, it also induces sleep and appetite. The other part is from the famous and beloved OG Kush, genetics that we already talked about in this post.

Kyle`s Skywalker OG is definitely one of the varieties that will help you eliminate or alleviate those unbearable migraines, do not miss the opportunity to test these magnificent genetics.


8. Dream Queen

World renowned cannabis activist Steve D Angelo has developed this beautiful strain called Dream Queen.

Dream Queen is a mostly sativa and highly medicinal variety because it is super rich in THC (25%) and concentrates high levels of CBD ranging from 3% to 7%.

Different pathologies such as migraines, nausea, anxiety, stress. appetite problems can be treated with Dream Queen. The effects of consuming these genetics can last between 2 and 4 hours for the same reason, we invite medicinal users to use it with due caution.

The medicinal power of Dream Queen is given by the genetics that makes up this beautiful variety, which is Blue Dream and Cindirella99.

Steve D Angelo's work with Dream Queen was incredible, also achieving genetics with fruity aromas of mango and papaya, accompanied by a slightly spicy flavor that delights all users.


9. Grizzly Purple Kush

Grizzly Purple Kush is a hybrid strain that is born of a cross Kosher x G13 x Purple. This is a medical strain because it gives you a great moment of relaxation.

This genetics can help you if you have migraine headaches since its relaxing effect calms both body and mind, also, it has a great capacity to induce sleep, so you can sleep completely normally.

The flavors of Grizzly Purple Kush are floral, soft, and sweet, as well as its aroma, for this reason, you will have a super exquisite treatment full of sweetness and natural medicine.


10. Mango

This rich variety both for its fruity aromas as well as for its sweet flavor that evokes tropical fruits is one of those indicated for the treatment of migraines

Mango is characterized by being a great producer of resin for the same reason, it will benefit you if you want to make extracts such as medicinal oils with which you can treat your intense headaches in a great way.

The THC levels of Mango are high and range from 20% to 22% and the CBD percentages are really low at only 0.3%, therefore it is a safe medicine to appease that annoying migraine.

When consuming Mango you will feel a strong relaxation and also that will be accompanied by a feeling of calm that will leave you absolutely calm on the sofa or in the bed that you are. If you are going to follow a treatment with Mango we ask you to do it slowly and responsibly.