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Red Eyes when Smoking Marijuana

The consumption of marijuana produces various effects such as feeling high, drying your mouth, in some cases, it makes you sleepy and on other occasions, it activates you and fills you with energy. Also, weed tends to make red eyes, this being one of the most common effects and signs of its consumption.

This is why we wonder why our eyes turn red when we smoke marijuana.

For novice users this can be of great concern, however, we tell you that having the eyes bloodshot from cannabis use does not cause any harm. You are probably not experiencing an allergic reaction or any major complication, on the contrary, it is a 100% natural reaction of the body.

Well, cannabis is good for glaucoma treatments, maybe that explains why THC lowers blood pressure, which in turn causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. Consequently, the ocular capillaries dilate, which increases blood flow to the eyes and reduces intraocular pressure, this causes the increased blood flow to create redness, so common among weed smokers. Smoking marijuana is not the only method of consumption to make your eyes red, if you eat some edibles or cannabis food as well, you will experience the same effect.


Tricks to reduce red eyes

If you want to avoid red eyes or just lower the intensity of them, there are some super simple tricks that you should keep in mind, to minimize or reduce the redness of the eyes during or after smoking.

1- Select cannabis strain low in THC or without this psychoactive component. So, it is good to clarify that strains rich in CBD, CBG can be a great alternative for those pot users who do not want to have red bloodshot eyes.

2- A classic of all time is to use eye drops, especially those drops that have their formula made to reduce redness in the eyes.

3- When you also increase hydration, you allow to reduce the red color of the eyes a little, for the same reason, it is good to stay hydrated with a good amount of water while smoking grass. This also helps to relieve dry mouth and throat with each puff, an issue that your body will thank you for because, in general, both the mouth and throat tend to suffer from the heat emanating from the smoke from the joints.

4- Smoke marijuana and plan your sessions in your spare time, while you are free from work, in recreational activities with friends or simply enjoying your home, this will make you feel much more comfortable and the red color of the eyes will take a back seat



CBD 1-CA (1:20)

We talk about that if you want to smoke marijuana that does not leave you red eyes, you should select a low THC variety for this, we recommend

CBD 1-CA (1:20) because it is a variety rich in CBD and very low in THC . CBD 1-CA (1:20) is a feminized genetics that concentrates extremely low THC levels since they are, between 0.3% – 0.8% on the other hand, the CBD is in ranges of 18% – 20% and in each puff you will feel flavors of pine, with earthy tones and obviously lemon.


Why is cannabis a good treatment for glaucoma?

It is said that it is the ability of cannabis to reduce intraocular pressure in the eyes that makes it a good treatment for people who suffer from ocular trauma, which is produced by damage to the optic nerves, which can generate up to complete loss of sight. However, not everything is great news because, a 2018 study carried out at Indiana University pointed out that CBD can worsen the condition in the eyes, by increasing eye pressure, although more studies are needed that are conclusive for the treatment of glaucoma.

We can add that marijuana as such is not a solution to glaucoma but rather a controller that prevents the progression of the disease in people who suffer from it. So weed helps patients by lowering pressure on the optic nerve, although as we already said, research on this disease and the use of marijuana has been inconclusive. Also, we tell you that some organizations such as “The National Eye Institute” discovered that consuming marijuana in different methods such as smoking or ingesting it in food or through the injection of THC, could reduce eye pressure.

However, there is a drawback with these findings and that is that marijuana only reduces the internal pressure of the eye for a maximum of four hours, for this reason, a patient should use THC repeatedly every few hours, day and night therefore, not it can be defined as the only viable treatment for glaucoma. Although, we already know the arguments of those who speak for and against cannabis treatments for this disease, there is a concise list of varieties that some medicinal pot users recommend for this pathology, so here we are going to introduce you to the most famous and desired strain among all of them.



Blueberry is named as one of the most popular varieties in the world and it is cultivated around the planet by thousands of gardeners, but it is not only because it also helps glucoma patients with their disease. As it is a mostly indica variety, with a relaxing and intense body effect, so it tends to relax the body, the above is due to its genetics that comes from a cross of Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai.


Undoubtedly this variety is the favorite for glaucoma patients because it also concentrates high levels of TCH ranging from 15% – 24% and also for its delicious flavor of very sweet berries with notes of fresh pine. It is certainly a strain to take into account if you suffer from this disease and that it is available to be purchased in feminized cannabis seed format here at Blimburn seeds.


Why eating food makes your eyes red?

Eating cannabis edibles, too, could cause red eyes. The above still depends on the amount of THC you have in foods with cannabis, since it is the ability of cannabinoids to reduce blood pressure, which causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. At this point to make your low THC edibles that do not leave you red eyes you can use some of our genetics that are rich in CBD and have little THC for example: Auto CBD Haze (1:1)

Auto CBD Haze (1:1)

 When you want to make a cannabis edible that does not leave your eyes red or reduces this effect on your person, the best variety you can choose are those low in THC and rich in other compounds such as CBD. In this case Auto CBD Haze meets those requirements since it has THC concentrations that only go from 5% – 6%, while CBD reaches levels of 6% – 8%, the latter being the dominant compound in this variety.

Auto CBD Haze Marijuana Plant

It is highlighted that the edibles resulting from Auto CBD Haze (1: 1) will have the effect of this genetics, that is, they will have an energizing mental effect, since this variety is mostly sativa. In addition, they are easy to mix with more citrus flavors like lemon or orange, since the authentic flavors of this CBD-rich autoflower are skunky with earthy notes and a strong Haze undertone.


Mamba Negra CBD

Our feminized Mamba  Negra CBD cannot be missing in these recommendations, which has CBD levels ranging from 10% to 20% and THC is super low only 1% to 2%, this makes the psychoactive effect not felt, achieving edibles that won’t make your eyes red so badly. Also, it should be added that the taste of the Mamba Negra CBD buds is sweet with earthy notes and marked sweet tones, making it ideal for edible cannabis such as chocolate and strawberry cakes or nutela pancakes, among others.

As it is a mostly indica variety, Mamba Negra CBD is perfect for a day of relaxation or also, for after work as it makes you feel calm and relaxed, ideal to smoke it with friends at the lake or to be at home lying on the lake. sofa. Also, it is ideal to make edibles because you will not be absolutely high and also, you will not have bloodshot eyes which gives you the freedom to feel comfortable and without the worry of having rabbit eyes.

Now you know everything you need about red eyes and how to avoid that experience that can be a bit uncomfortable. Remember that low-THC varieties, in addition to strains rich in CBD or CBG, can be your great companions, since they will not leave your eyes red with the intensity of a variety rich in TCH. Another important point is edibles, which can also inject your eyes into the blood for that very reason, try to consume cannabis edibles with minimal doses.

On the other hand, treatments for glaucoma with cannabis today are a reality despite the fact that there are no conclusive studies that fully certify the benefits of marijuana in patients with this disease. We only have to wait, what science can tell us in a while about this pathology and cannabis to be clear about the paths to follow, for the moment marijuana can be trusted if it is used responsibly and without abusing her.

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