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Cannabis oil for dogs

The continued legalization of cannabis has led to an increase in the supply of CBD oil products in the pet industry with sales quadrupling since 2017. Dog owners are increasingly using these products and can seek input or advice from a behavior coach or consultant about its use. Beyond the absurd claims, there is little scientific evidence to support the use of these products and there are a number of precautions and concerns that trainers and behavioral specialists should be aware of when working with clients.

Just like in humans, there is a messenger system in your dog’s body called the endocannabinoid system. This endocannabinoid system helps regulate sleep, appetite, pain, and the immune system, among other functions. CBD impacts the activity of the messengers of this system and stimulates the nervous, digestive, and immune systems as well as the brain.

The endocannabinoids in CBD are very similar to those found in your dog’s body. For these reasons, it is believed that the benefits of CBD can be profound and significant, although as we have already pointed out, there are still no conclusive studies on the subject.

How to select a good CBD product for your dog

If you are thinking of trying CBD as a treatment for your dog, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing CBD oil.

1- First, it is always good to consult with the veterinarian who treats your dog to have a professional opinion.

2- Second, not all oils are the same. You’ll want high-quality CBD oil for the best chance of it working.

3- An organic product is always better. If the CBD oil is not organic, it should at least not contain any pesticides, fungicides, or solvents. Remember that organic products usually have a higher price, so if you want the best for your dog, do not look at the price and do not look for the cheapest product.

4- ​​Before buying any CBD product, request certifications proving that the oil you are going to buy complies with what it offers. Remember that it is your dog’s health that is at stake and surely, you will want the best for him.

How to select a good CBD product for your dog.
How to select a good CBD product for your dog.

5- Do not forget that the levels of CBD in this type of product must be high and the levels of THC tend to be lower. Other cannabinoids such as CBG, may also be present in these products which is important regarding the certifications we previously mentioned.

6- Select a Full Spectrum CBD oil, containing not only CBD but also other important cannabinoids naturally found in full spectrum hemp, including CBC (Cannabichromene) and CBG (Cannabigerol).

We highlight this from Full Spectrum because cannabinoids like CBC have the ability to fight cancer and they can block pain and inflammation. The other cannabinoid called CBG is also being studied for its medicinal use as it can decrease inflammation in the digestive tract and can protect nerve cells and the eyes. Plus, it supports healthy bladder function and fights cancer cells.

We cannot fail to point out that a full spectrum CBD oil will also contain terpenes such as limonene, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene. These are also natural medicinal substances found in hemp. Now, CO2-extracted CBD pulverizes the terpenes, making them difficult to detect in tests and won’t show up on the certificate of analysis, yet they will still be there and contribute to the medicinal effects of CBD oil.

In contrast, the CBD extracted with solvents will preserve the terpenes better, allowing them to be more easily identified and make them appear in the results of the analysis. However, this type of extraction is not recommended for medicinal use because it may contain certain elements that can affect users and cause collateral damage.

Main side effects of CBD in dogs

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, there are still no complete and in-depth studies regarding the use of CBD in dogs and pets in general. However, because there are many people who have used CBD oils and derivatives for their dogs, some empirical evidence has been collected on the side effects of CBD in pets.

Dry mouth: User experience has shown that CBD can decrease saliva production. For dogs, this would manifest as increased thirst.

Main side effects of CBD in dogs
Main side effects of CBD in dogs

Low blood pressure:  High doses of CBD are known to cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. Although the drop is small, it can create a brief feeling of dizziness. That is why it is always good to analyze the amounts of CBD cannabis oil contains in advance.

Drowsiness: Dog owners who have used CBD to treat anxiety report that this cannabinoid makes their pets drowsy, especially when higher doses are used.

Risks of medicating a pet with CBD

The risks of medicating a dog with CBD are not yet known because in-depth research has not been carried out on the subject. The US FDA has not yet declared the exact dose that can be applied to a dog for its use. For the same reason, it is not 100% clear which are the correct amounts and which are the toxic ones. It is always recommended when giving your dog something new, to start with small amounts and then closely monitor the effects. As always, check with your vet first.

Diseases that can be treated with CBD

Despite the fact that there are few studies on the use of CBD and its benefits in dogs, the most avant-garde veterinarians have not wasted time in medicating dogs that come to their consultations with this cannabinoid. For this reason, it is known that some diseases can be treated with CBD effectively with good results.

Dogs with ​​Arthritis

If your dog has joint pain, your vet might prescribe pain relievers such as gabapentin. However, these can lead to joint and soft tissue deterioration. They can also damage your dog’s liver. Gabapentin can also cause kidney damage. In contrast, CBD does not cause the secondary damage of these drugs. Instead, it works by binding to CB1 receptors in the brain. These receptors stimulate the immune system to reduce inflammation. CB1 receptors also change the way the brain responds to pain.

The immune and digestive systems also have CB2 receptors to which CBD binds. When this happens, the body is able to produce more cannabinoids naturally. This helps reduce inflammation even more and reduces the pain associated with it. In fact, Cornell University researchers found that dogs taking CBD for arthritis were more active and showed decreased pain.

Dog with ​​Arthritis
Dog with ​​Arthritis

Cancer and pets

It is estimated that 50% of dogs suffer from cancer at some point in adulthood and their owners, in many cases, subject them to radiation or chemotherapy. Several studies have been conducted on animals that have shown that cancerous cells are eliminated by the effect of CBD. Specifically, a study carried out on mice showed how cancer was reduced in the pancreas.

In another study, cancer cells became more sensitive to CBD treatment. That means that CBD can increase the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments. Cancer cells are blocked in their ability to produce energy by the effect of CBD which can also stimulate the immune system to produce killer cells that cause the death of cancer cells.

The cannabinoid receptor called GPR55 is also blocked by CBD, according to the researchers. This becomes of vital importance because in the case of mice, GPR55 increases the production of cancer cells. But that’s not all, because in cancer treatments, CBD can relieve pain in patients and also calm nausea caused by therapies and treatments used for this disease.

Seizures and epilepsy in dogs

Seizures affect 5% of dogs, according to professional estimates, and is an issue that can cause anxiety in pets. Veterinarians who use traditional medicine medicate dogs with pills that generate side effects that can damage their liver or other parts of the animal’s body.

However, science does not stop and that is why researchers from the University of Colorado have conducted a study where 98% of dogs treated with cannabis and suffering from this pathology saw reduced seizures. Then, 4 to 5 months after conducting a study with humans, it was shown that epileptic seizures decreased significantly.

CBD reduces the frequency and severity of seizures due to how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Abnormal electrical charges from neurons in the nervous system are thought to cause seizures. CBD can bind to receptors in the brain and researchers speculate that this may improve the function of the nervous system.

The richest medicinal strains in CBD and CBG

Now, let’s go ahead and share these wonderful strains of cannabis that are rich in CBD and CBG. All of these genetics are medicinal and with them you will be able to make medicinal oils that can contain great properties. However, it is always good that you talk about it and seek an authorized opinion with the veterinarian who treats your dog to avoid problems such as side effects that may affect your pet.

Amnesia Fast Version CBD

CBD Amnesia Fast Version

First of all, we are going to tell you that Amnesia Fast Version CBD contains high levels of CBD that are between 8%-10% and low percentages of THC that only reach 6%-8%. Therefore, the psychoactive effects that your dog can feel are minor. This mostly sativa weed seed produces creative, happy effects and is ready to be harvested after 50-55 days of flowering, that is, it has a very short cycle.

Amnesia Fast Version CBD weed plants deliver good yields ranging between 450-550 gr/m2 indoors with outdoor growers receiving a great reward with heavy yields of buds ranging between 600-800 gr/plant. Other qualities of this cannabis plant include that it is easy to grow. You can also apply cultivation techniques such as LST to stretch its lateral arms and you can SCROG it if you want to fill a growing space with this variety.


CBD Auto Med Gom

This variety is hybrid and is called AUTO CBD MED GO. It contains very low THC levels that are between 3%-5%. On the contrary, the percentages of CBD are high and are between 4%-6%, giving it the medicinal quality that characterizes CBD-rich cannabis strains.

The life cycle of cannabis plants of this variety of weed is very short and is between 60-70 days. For this reason, you get crops in a very short time. Indoor marijuana growers can harvest between 400-450 gr/m2 and outdoor gardeners get between 80-150 gr/plant of buds that produce balanced and relaxing effects for users.  In order to better obtain the terpenes of this plant, we recommend that you grow organically. You can also use SOG-type cultivation techniques with which you will maximize the yield of your crop and the production of terpenes.

CBD Sour Tangie


CBD Sour Tangie are mostly sativa feminized cannabis seeds that you can buy at Blimburn. They have incredible percentages of CBD that are between 6% and 8%, resulting in low psychoactivity and a beautiful medicinal effect. We emphasize that the THC in this weed strain is very low as it only contains between 0.3%-0.5%.

Now, the flowering time of the CBD Sour Tangie weed plants takes between 7-9 weeks, during which they produce incredible buds that give off flavors that are a mix between notes of diesel, gas type, and citrus flavors with aftertastes of grass. Indoors, you can get incredible harvests of 350-400 gr/m2. It is very useful to use cultivation techniques such as SCROG and pruning to maximize harvests and obtain cannabis plants with uniform and fat colas that are full of buds.

If you grow outdoors, you will obtain between 305-500 gr/plant. It is recommended to do LST to allow the plants to aerate and it is ideal to start growing it in mid-spring to harvest at the end of summer. By now, you already know everything you need to know about how CBD oil and medicinal cannabis can help your dog. Undoubtedly, much remains to be learned, but with the information that we have today, we can point out that CBD from weed is typically good medicine for pets. Although, it is always good to consult with a specialist veterinarian before applying an adequate medical cannabis treatment. See you on the next blog and don’t forget to buy your weed seeds here at Blimburn Seeds! Our team is waiting for you.

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