5 Calming Weeds For Handling Stress And Anxiety

Anxiety can be a terrible feeling, especially if it hinders one’s productivity and normal functioning. The idea of second-guessing oneself or always checking if there could be trouble lurking is terrifying and makes it difficult for anxious people to enjoy life. Fortunately, nature has all the answers we need as long as one can tap into the potential of natural remedies. Sometimes, conventional medication alone may not work. If you are open to trying new treatments, consider natural herbs to help eliminate your stress and improve your overall functioning. Knowing some of the best herbs that help relieve stress will come in handy.

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1. Cannabis Plants

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You’ve probably heard of Sativa as one of the most effective anxiety relief treatment options. Most of the cannabis products consumed are safe and easy to use. For example, CBD and THC are the two most common cannabinoids known to many consumers. They are practical and can be purchased at a marijuana dispensary in many states.

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Consumers will enjoy a strain rich in terpenes with a powerful aroma of red fruit on a diesel, earthy, and floral background with its high THC content that can exceed 20%. It results in a high, euphoric, happy, and long-lasting effect that evolves into a state of body relaxation.

Cannabis works better against anxiety due to the cannabinoid agents it contains. Most people who have used CBD for anxiety have reported a reduction in symptoms of the condition. Due to the equal percentage of CBD and THC that these strains present, its effect is highly relaxing and perfect for therapeutic use as it has relatively little psychoactivity and a strong concentration of CBD.

Our Black Mamba CBD has all of these qualities and much more. The senses will also be rewarded with an intense and sweet aroma and flavor with earthy and floral nuances and touches, a majestic combination.

Studies show that Cannabis Sativa can help patients suffering from neuropsychiatric diseases to improve their situation significantly. It is also effective in treating anxiety and other related conditions.

To further support this argument, a study involving patients suffering from anxiety revealed that patients who took CBD religiously showed reduced anxiety scores when using CBD regularly. Generally, CBD has great potential to make things better for users. However, more research is needed in this sector to verify the extent of CBD gain.

2. Kava Kava

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Kava Kava is a popular shrub in the pacific ocean islands. This area’s residents utilize it as a mood booster that helps relieve anxiety and other related conditions. Most people use it as a ceremonial drink whose primary purpose is to relieve stress and boost mood.

A general study conducted in 2013  investigated the potential effects of Kava on General Anxiety Disorder. It concluded that out of the 75 percent, those taking a dose of Kava showed a significant reduction of anxiety for the period they used it. It goes to show that Kava is a powerful herb as it moderately reduces anxiety in patients.

3. Galphimia Glauca

This herbal plant is indigenous to Mexico. Natives have used it to help regulate anxiety levels because it has been used traditionally as a tranquilizer for the same purpose. A clinical study back in 2012 scrutinized the lives of patients suffering from anxiety. Over the study’s 12 week period, patients taking galphimia glauca reported an improvements in their levels of anxiety.

A 2018 study review on this herb’s progress when used on anxiety revealed that there are promising results for the future. Users should consider using Galphimia to help improve their  anxiety levels. Make sure that this does not stop you from using other treatment options. Just include it as a supplementary treatment for those who want alternative treatment options.

4. Valerian

It is an herbal plant that is indigenous to Asia and Europe. Traditionally, the herb works on patients suffering from sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. It is available in different forms, making it easy for users to include it in their daily routine. Users can choose to use it as tea, tinctures, or tablets for easy consumption. Studies suggest that using Valerian to treat anxiety and other related diseases is generally safe. However, more reviews in this area will help to ascertain its effectiveness.

Note that there is minimal evidence currently in this area. Users also need to understand that the herb causes sleep induction. Never use it in conditions where you must be sober and fresh, like when driving a car. Besides that, users need to be careful about using it with other substances such as alcohol and sedatives as the effects may be dangerous.

5. Ashwagandha

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It is a robust ayurvedic herb with Asian origin. It is also popular in other regions of the world. It is a powerful adaptogen which explains why it works so incredibly. Usually, it can influence one’s stress response because it positively affects the stress hormones. In 2019, a study involving 58 participants revealed that patients who took a dosage of Ashwagandha significantly showed a reduction of the cortisol hormone.

They also showed better sleep patterns as their sleep generally improved. Anyone who chooses to add this herb as part of their anxiety treatment will benefit significantly. However, they should be ready to experience relief in specific aspects of anxiety and not others.

Final Thoughts

Patients suffering from anxiety are likely to seek medication when things get out of hand. In most cases, anxiety management determines how someone lives their life to the fullest. Knowing what works for you as a patient is essential. Fortunately, there are various natural herbs, including those mentioned above. Others are chamomile, lavender, and passionflower. Ensure you properly understand how these herbs work if you want to gain maximum benefits from them. Most natural remedies are useful because they have no additives and therefore will have fewer to no adverse effects. However, seek expert advice to understand your dosage and interaction better.

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