Mistakes LED

LED distance from the plant

When you grow with HPS lighting you can put the lights at a distance of 24 to 30 inches from the plants, however, with LED lighting the plants must be much closer, which is why this is one of the most frequent mistakes among gardeners. that go from the old HPS lighting systems to LED. To obtain the maximum performance, some LED lights need to be placed at a distance of 6 – 12 inches from the tip of the cannabis plant, the above is due to the fact that the temperature that this type of lighting produces is lower than an HPS bulb as well. It should be noted that currently LED lighting systems have a more uniform format, therefore they allow a better way to expand the light spectrum throughout the plant.


We must emphasize that in the growth phase of your weed plants, you can put the LED lighting a little more distant, which will allow it to glean a little more and also receive in certain parts such as the side branches, a greater amount of light. This is different in flowering, which is why we have already explained why, the plant needs more light to develop its buds, to avoid damaging the plant, avoid excess heat reaching it and also ensure that it always has good ventilation between the LED lighting system and the tip.


Light Spectrum

A full spectrum of light wavelengths that emulates sunlight is needed for weed plants to grow as they require photosynthesis. Although red and blue lights are the best known, hemp plants also require green and yellow lights, in addition, it is good to note that a complete spectrum of light is needed that combines all wavelengths and colors, for optimal increase.

The above is super important because, for example, lights like green are difficult to see because of the weed plants in the upper part, however, this light can penetrate into areas where other colors do not reach, therefore enhancing complex areas of the plant. When LED lights began to be used in the cultivation of weed, only lighting systems with red and blue lights were found, which did not allow to harvest plants with abundant crops and neither, healthy and strong specimens. So, to avoid these types of problems, a full spectrum LED system is required, which is very common today in the market so that the plant has the light spectrum it needs and can develop in a good way.


Lights with a special range for growth

Take the necessary precaution to correctly select the lights you need for the growth phase of the plants, for example if you have lights with a mostly red spectrum, your plants will not get all the lighting they want, therefore their growth will be obstructed.


Special Range LED Marijuana


Remember that for optimal growth of your weed plants, blue light is required in the spectrum of your LED lights. It is also important that the environment, that is, the dimensions of the space and also the conditions in which it is located are adequate so that the lighting is not scattered or lost.


Have controlled times

Controlling the times in which the plants will have light and darkness is essential for weed plants to develop in a great way, without a guideline or schedule of time, the plants can be affected, either by excess lighting or lack of light.




At this point, we must highlight how vital a timer is to control the hours of light that the plants receive and also, the hours they rest in full darkness. Controlling the lighting hours effectively promotes optimal plant development and great flowering.


Forget other factors and focus only on lighting

Focusing on lighting as an essential factor for the great growth and flowering of cannabis plants is essential, however, neglecting other factors is really relevant. Factors such as humidity, the temperature in the growing place, pests, ventilation, and even hygiene in the growing space are essential to have healthy and productive plants.


For that reason, in addition to lighting, we also invite you to worry about those other factors since, without them, you will not be able to get the producing plants and the amazing buds that you want to harvest.


Failure to maintain LED lights regularly

We suggest that you do maintenance every few months or crops to your LED panels, if you forget this you could have big problems in the future, an issue that can damage your crops or even prevent you from cultivating.


It is important that you check the chips of your LED lights with some regularity and also, avoid them from being damaged because it is these small devices that give life to your LED lights. Today LED technology has advanced a lot for the same reason, it is also likely that in a short time you will have to replace your old panel or LED lighting system with a new one that optimizes your cultivation better.


Take care of the temperature of your LED panels


thermometer and humidity


Although we know that panels and LED lighting do not emit heat as HPS lighting systems do, there is also a certain temperature that in excess can affect your plants and also your lights. That is why it is important that in your growing area or indoor you have a good ventilation system with fans that help to cool the LED lighting system and also collaborate by moving the air inside the crop, to avoid stress on the plants due to heat.


Get good watering when you grow with LED lights

As we told you in the previous point, LED lights do not emit as much heat as HPS lighting despite that, many gardeners continue to water with the amounts of water used when growing with sodium.


When the roots are extremely wet, they become breeding grounds for bacteria, insects, and fungi as well, it can cause a deficiency of the nutrients that the plant requires to grow and flourish. To avoid the above, you must reduce the amount of water with which you water the plants and gradually adapt to your new lighting system.



The 3  genetics to grow with LEDs

You are probably wondering which cannabis strains are the best to grow with LED lighting. Well, today we know that a large number of cannabis genetics are excellent to be cultivated with LEDs, however, and so that you do not have problems selecting the next strain for your weed cultivation, we are going to recommend some of the ones you can use. they are better suited to growing with LEDs.


1- Sweet Island

This variety is special to grow with LED because in some cases when it has been grown under HPS bulbs, it tends to show a bit of heat stress. As we teach you in the tutorial, you must be careful with excess watering and especially with Sweet Island because it is not a plant that demands a lot of food, on the contrary, with a medium nutrition it is fine.


Sweet Island Marijuana Plant Indoor


On the other hand, excess water in the substrate can cause an increase in humidity and that means that fungi can appear on the plants and destroy your harvest. For this reason, when you grow Sweet Island it is important that you have a good ventilation system and that the growing space is optimal as well as the LED lighting.


2- Grizzly Purple Auto

This autoflowering variety is special to be grown with LED lights because in addition, being fast it is a good producer and you can harvest plants of compact and discreet size, especially for small spaces indoors.


Grizzly Purple Autoflower Marijuana Plant Indoor


Now, we want to tell you that this Grizzly Purple Auto was grown with a 300w power panel in a 2 gallon pot and the gardener harvested 40gr of dry buds. This is a good amount of flowers for an autoflower that does not need a lot of care and is easy to grow, especially for beginner growers.


3- Alien OG

Here is the beautiful Alien OG for those who do not believe, grown with a combination of LED panels, 2 small 100w and another 310w. In this case the 2 small 100w panels complement the light spectrum of the larger 310w panel, some gardeners use it to locate them and enhance specific areas of the plant such as the lower side branches or the middle areas of the plant, thereby they ensure that the flowering is more homogeneous and the buds, much more forceful and harder to hit.


Alien OG Marijuana Plant Indoor


Also, we can tell you that Alien OG is a tremendous warrior that adapts to hotter and humid climates, as well as colder climates and high humidity, flourishing greatly, delivering beautiful crops of compact flowers that usually grow close to the stems of the plant. Without a doubt, this variety is a best seller out of all known standards because you can grow them wherever you want.