Marijuana Butter

Surely you want to prepare cannabis food and you have discovered that with cannabis butter, all green food can be incredible. So, you came to the right place because in this complete guide, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about. Before starting to make high-potency butter, it should be clear that marijuana must be decarboxylated at a low temperature for the same reason, you may wonder.


What is decarboxylation?

Decarboxylating marijuana is a critical step in making cannabis butter. This process consists of slowing down the pot to convert the non-intoxicating cannabinoid acids into the cannabinoids that lovers of cannabis food like so much. Due to this, the CBDA is transformed into CBD and for its part the THCA passes into THC. When you smoke or vaporize, these transformations occur naturally, due to the heat generated by combustion.

When you heat your marijuana buds in the oven, you make sure that it boils, stands out for its THC. Novice consumers should be careful when decarbing since their weed can be highly concentrated and therefore hit them more than necessary.


Do you want to make the most powerful cannabis butter?

If you want to have a super potent cannabic butter, then you should follow the ideas and instructions below. To make this recipe you will need between 3 and 4 hours, it is a simple way to make canna butter and for sure, if you have 1/8 of marijuana with 20% potency, you will get up to 700 mg of THC.


Ingredients for making cannabis butter

  • 1 cup of butter

The amount to use will depend on how much canna butter you want to make.

  • 1 cup (5-10 grams) of ground cannabis, decarboxylated.

It is important that cannabis is decarboxylated because it also gives a better flavor to the preparations.

Step by step to make the best cannabis butter

Step 1:

The herb must be decarboxylated, for this proceed to grind your marijuana. Then, take the ground marijuana and spread it on top of the oven tray, which should be covered at the bottom with a parchment paper, which prevents the marijuana from sticking to the oven can.

Step 2:

You must preheat the oven to about 105º C, that is, about 220ºF. You must put the tray in the oven and leave it there, for about 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Begin to melt the butter in a double boiler in a saucepan. In parallel, the marijuana will be decarboxylating in the oven.

Step 4:

When the herb is ready, remove it from the oven and carefully take the can and pour the pot into the saucepan with the melted butter. You must stir well and with the caution that the melted hot butter does not burn you.

Step 5:

In this step, you should keep the butter simmering for 45 minutes to 1 hour. It is important that you do this step calmly and always stirring the butter, since this is when the flavors, aromas of the web, begin to mix with the butter.

Step 6:

Take the saucepan off the stove and begin carefully pouring the liquid butter into a bowl. To reactivate this, you must have a strainer to properly filter the butter, it must be lined with gauze, so that the filter is more intense and prevent certain impurities from remaining in the final canna butter product.

Step 7:

Gently spoon the strainer with the cloth and rub it in slowly. Avoid using excessive force so that particles or part of the weed remain in the butter. Filtering here is essential, to ensure the good taste and rich texture of the canna butter.

Step 8:

This is the final step that tells you that your weed butter is ready to be consumed. You can keep it in the fridge for 2 months and it will keep for up to 6 months if you put it in the freezer. Always keep a safeguard and every so often take a look at the canna butter, to ensure its good condition.


Tips to make a more powerful cannabic butter

  1. Look for a high potency herb from 18% THC onwards because it will hit you more. Also, it is important to note that the original flavor of the weed is essential, because if you have marijuana with lemon-type citrus or mango-type tropical fruit flavors, the final edible will have this flavor.
  2. If you want a relaxing experience but, without the classic cannabis high, you can select marijuana rich in CBD or CBG, in addition, the hemp varieties provide that relaxing effect. This recommendation is ideal for those with low resistance to cannabis or who have never tried edible cannabis.
  3. Another factor that must be considered is the type of ganja with which the butter is prepared. It is not the same to use a sativa genetics or an indica, or a hybrid because, the effects will be different and your body and mind will feel differently the edibles that you prepare with that delicious cannabis butter.

Many people may not want to have a super powerful cannabutter because of this, here we are going to share some tips, so that you can make a smoother final product. It should be noted that many times you will not need to have a super powerful cannabis butter because, being edible, it hits much stronger than a marijuana joint or even more than an extract.


Tips to make a more soft cannabutter

  1. Using hemp flower is a good option to make cannabutter and other softer edibles. We say this because this flower contains only 0.3% THC or even less.
  2. If you want to make a medicinal cannabutter, you can use flowers from medicinal cannabis plants. From the Blimburn seeds bank catalog, we can recommend Mamba Negra CBD in feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds version, which contain only 5% THC and are rich in CBD with 5% of this medicinal compound. In addition, there is also the CBG Black Mamba in a feminized weed seed version. At this point, it should be noted that this version contains 0% THC and is 100% CBG, that is, pure cannabis medicine.
  3. Use pot of lower potency that is, that has lower levels of THC. This allows you to make a smoother canna butter and that the edibles you prepare have a more bearable effect. For example, if you use an eighth of a flower with 15% TCH, with the recipe that we already told you, you can get up to 375mg of THC per cup of butter or between 7.5mg – 8mg teaspoons. For this preparation, we recommend two delicious genetics that you can find in autoflowering seed format. These varieties are, Northern Light Auto, which stands out for its THC levels that range from 10% – 14%, and Orient Auto, which has 12% – 15% THC.
  4. You can use a mixture of normal butter with your Canna butter already made, this will help you lower the power of the canna butter and obviously the edibles that you can make with this mixture. You can make 1: 1 mixes, that is, 1 part canna butter for 1 part normal butter. Also, you can take 1 part of canna butter for 2 of butter without weed, or 1 part of cannabutter and add 3 of butter without THC.
  5. Another way to lower the potency of your cannabis butter is by skipping the step of decarboxylating the marijuana. Skipping this step allows the marijuana to go from THCA to THC to a lesser extent. For the rest, you save time, since you do not have to take a step in the preparation of your cannabutter.


What foods can I make with Cannabutter?

We are going to recommend you 5 preparations that you can make with cannabutter. These edibles are designed for sweetness, rich flavors and obviously having a good time preparing the best cannabis food of your life.


1 – Orange Cannabuter Cake

This cake is filled with a delicious and fine grated orange, mixed with the incredible cannabutter. The flavors are citrusy and refreshing, special for a summer afternoon with friends. So that your canabutter orange cake feels moisturized on the palate, we recommend that you mix the dough before putting it in the oven, wet it with a little previously sweetened orange juice, to give it that fresh and moist touch.


Orange Cake Marijuana


If you want your Cannabuter Orange Cake to have a 100% orange essence then we recommend using genetic such as Nikkie and Swami`s Tangie feminized if you want a high potency cake. On the other hand, if you want a softer cake with lower potency, we recommend autoflowering Tangie, these two versions have a sweet, fruity and acid flavor, which is why they will give you a unique sensation on the palate.


2 – Cannabutter Cheesecake

This is a delicious dessert that all families and friends love. That is why we could not fail to mention it in this top 5 of the best delicacies to make with cannabutter. If you make a Cannabutter Cheesecake, we recommend those with red fruits such as strawberries or blueberries because their sweetness will amaze you.

Aside from the rich flavor, this type of food is perfect for winter afternoons when you want to be lying on the couch watching a movie or series, especially when you put cannabutter on it.


Cheescake of Marijuana


Blue Dream buds are perfect for making cannabutter that you can apply to your Cannabutter Cheesecake, so we recommend this mostly sativa strain that Blimburn seeds bank has for you as a feminized seed. The flavor of Blue Dream to sweet berry, blueberry and mango, are perfect for a Cannabutter Cheesecake with blueberries, strawberries or red berries.


3 – Cannabutter cookies

Cannabis cookies are always welcome and weed fans never stop trying them. That is why we tell you that making cookies with cannabutter is a great option for cannabic pastry. A delicious chocolate, red fruit or vanilla flavored cookies with cannabutter are perfect to end a day full of stress and high intensity. If you want to make these Cannabutter cookies, we recommend varieties such as Wombat that stands out for its sweet flavor and with refreshing tones of mildly acid Haze.


Cookies Marijuana


It is necessary to highlight that another perfect genetics for Cannabutter Cookies is Gelato Fast Blooming since its buds are very sweet, giving off sour notes, with earthy tones. You already know, don’t miss out on preparing your best cannabutter with these two exquisite varieties that are in feminized and fast blooming versions, only in Blimburnseeds.


4 – Nutella cannabutter rolls

These rolls are amazing, they are filled with nutela and you can make the dough with cannabutter. Also, you can fill the rolls with fruits such as strawberries, grapes, apple, berry or blueberry, among others.


Nutella Strawberries and Marijuana


So, for these incredible Nutella cannabutter rolls we are going to recommend varieties like Cherry Ak due to their incredible taste of cherry, citrus and berry, which will deliver that sweet touch that your cannabutter needs. Also, we stand out as an ideal strain in this preparation of Mango since, its unique, sweet and mango flavor, will give your Nutella cannabutter rolls that fresh, refreshing and tropical taste that you are surely looking for.


5 – Cannabutter Tart of fruits

If you want to give your cakes a different touch, you can use cannabutter for the doughs and the filling with an exquisite white cream, plus some delicious fruits. You can choose a different variety of fruits according to how you like it and obviously combine it with the cannautter that will give an incredible touch to the dough. We want to guide you, so we are going to recommend our best strain for this wonderful cannabutter tart of fruits.


Cakes of Marijuana


We have selected our Sweet Island which was developed together with Kyle`s Kushman to recommend it to you when you make your cannabutter. Sweet Island is characterized by its own flavor that has a taste of grapes, very sweet and with hints of skunk, surely mixed with fruits, it will take an incredible taste.

Finally, we want to tell you that Dama Blanca is also incredible strain to make your cannabutter for this fruit tart because, its flavor is fruity and it has authentic notes of pineapple, really delicious. So far we come with this tutorial on how to make cannabutter and why to apply that culinary delight. We hope you liked it and now, throw everything into the kitchen to prepare the best cannabutter of your life because, you already know that you can apply it in a large number of meals.