Purple Weed

Self-cultivation of purple cannabis has become very popular because more and more gardeners are looking for varieties of exotic colors that give buds that attract the eye of people and attract their attention in a great way. Maybe you have many questions about how to grow purple marijuana plants, well from Blimburn seeds bank we are going to teach you how to grow and optimize your garden of purple weed plants.


Why does the violet cannabis plant exist?

Purple cannabis is a type of cannabis that has deep purple buds and leaves as well, there are some varieties of cannabis only with purple buds and green leaves. There are other purple genetics that show their color during the flowering phase, specifically in the ripening stage. In pot plants, this type of coloration is determined by flavonoids, called anthocyanin, which are a group of around 400 water-soluble pigments that can appear red, blue or purple depending on the pH. So if the pH is near neutral, as it should be, cannabis strains with an abundance of this pigment will likely end up with their purple buds at the end of flowering.


Marijuana Plant


When there are low levels of chlorophyll in cannabis plants, anthocyanins are produced, which are manifested in color in the flowers of weed plants during the last weeks of life.  A trick widely used by breeders to stimulate the production of anthocyanins and reduce chlorophyll levels, is the reduction of the hours of light in flowering, especially during the last 3 weeks, due to this the plants highlight their purple colors and in those Cannabis plants that are not purple, the flowers and leaves take on more orange and gold colors. Now, it should be made clear that all cannabis plants can change color during cultivation.

Variations in the colors of weed plants can be due to several factors such as; the genetics of the cannabis strain and other times they are responses to the environment, such as when the normal temperature to which the plant is accustomed decreases and finally we have the color changes due to symptoms of disease such as the case of mold that returns the brown buds, causing gardeners to lose their crops completely, since these types of flowers cannot be consumed and are bad for health.


What about  the leaves?

In general, the leaves are green because they concentrate a large amount of chlorophyll which is the pigment that gives them that color, but despite that, they can change color as they mature in flowering. When the hours of daylight decrease naturally outdoors or when the farmer decreases the hours in the indoor crop, they tend to turn purple or also, if the temperatures drop because, the production of chlorophyll is inhibited, increasing the production of anthocyanins and promoting the Purple color. In turn, anthocyanins can change color, so there are cases in which they mutate from a blue color to another violet and there are also other pigments that can vary their color, for example: Lycopene, which is red, we can also consider Carotenoids, yellow and Anthoxanthin, white.


Grizzly Purple Kush Marijuana Plant


Grizzly Purple Auto – Indoor Grow Diary


You must be careful because there are healthy processes that allow the leaves to change color, but these are not the only ones because excess water and overfeeding cause symptoms such as yellowing, followed by wilting. In the case of yellowish leaves, these are shown either by a natural and healthy process towards the end of the life cycle of the weed plant or by a sign that something is wrong, either in the diet, ventilation of the place. cultivation, high temperatures, over fertilization or other factors.


Trichomes and pistils  in purple cannabis plants

Trichomes are very important for every cannabis grower because they show what process the plant is in, the color change of the trichomes is a super important part of the whole process, since it teaches us that harvest time is approaching. . When the trichomes go from a transparent white to a cloudy color, it means that the plant is ready to be harvested. Despite that, gardeners who prefer buds with a more relaxing effect, will begin to harvest when the trichomes turn dark brown.


Purple Bud


The content of cannabinoids and the proportion they contain is determined by the color of the trichomes, that is, when these are still clear it is because it is developing and has not reached its maximum power. It is also necessary to say that a cloudy or milky trichome contains its maximum amount of THCA, whereas in an amber or brown trichome, THCA has been degraded to CBNA. CBNA decarboxylates into CBN, which creates a less psychotropic high that is, it relaxes you, as we said earlier.

Now, if we talk about the pistils, we can say that they are the female sexual organ of the plant. In most flowers, they are called stigmata. Its purpose is to catch the pollen of the males while it moves with the breeze, they start with a white color and as they mature they change color until they turn brown. If you want to have a good harvest, we do not recommend that you follow the pattern of the pistils and their color, on the contrary, it is better that you carefully analyze the trichomes and their tones.


Is purple marijuana more potent?

First of all, we will say that a marijuana plant being purple does not mean that it is more powerful than non-violet weed. However, we cannot deny that purple cannabis has a lot of potential and concentrates high levels of anthocyanin, an issue that we have already mentioned and that gives great analgesic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective value to purple genetic.

There are other factors that make growing purple marijuana attractive despite not being more potent. These factors may be how exotic it is to grow purple cannabis, both for its colors as well as for having a different experience in your garden.

Now that you know more about purple varieties, we give you some tips so that you can grow the best purple cannabis in your garden, whether indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.


Tips to grow the best purple marijuana

1 – Control and lower the temperature of the garden

Experienced gardeners comment that for some purple strains, fluctuations in daytime and nighttime temperatures can help bring out those violet hues, thus stimulating the cycle change from summer to fall.




For example, changing the temperature from 25 ° C during the day, to around 20 ° C at night, will help the buds begin to show their purple color. We recommend using this trick when the growth cycle is ending and the plant goes into flowering, because this way you will be able to notice the change in tonality from pre-flowering.


2-  Focus the light directly on the plant

According to some indoor breeders, purple cannabis plants consume a lot of light, so they recommend putting the lighting indoors, as direct as possible towards the plant, to activate the anthocyanin molecules and stimulate the appearance of the violet color.

We suggest that you be careful if you use HPS lighting since the heat can damage the buds and therefore, the harvest can be reduced, due to excess heat. In the case of farmers who use led lighting, ensure that the plants are close to their lighting panels, without damaging the flowers.

in most cases we suggest using ventilation systems such as fans, extractors and air inlets to ensure that the plant despite from the proximity to the lighting, it receives a good dose of fresh air and also has excellent ventilation.


3 – Well regulated PH

Advanced growers estimate that acidic conditions (<7) enhance red colorations; neutrals (7), violets; and alkaline (> 7), green-yellow, so for your purple cannabis plants to better highlight their colors you should use PH 7. These are general parameters that marijuana farmers use that can help you get that purple weed you want.


4 – Select purple-dominant cannabis seeds in your genetics

When selecting your cannabis seeds, make sure they are purple genetics so that you can have a guaranteed violet harvest, since regardless of whether or not you apply the tricks we teach you here, if your plants are not genetically predisposed to turn purple, it is impossible for them to take on this tonality when you cultivate them.

Here we share some of the Blimburn Seeds genetics with which you can harvest the best purple marijuana of your life and that will surely make you smile with a 420 laugh.


Black Water Purple OG Cheese

This genetics is the cross of three different varieties such as Black Water OG, Purple OG Kush and Cheese. These three strains are known for their medicinal properties, but they are also known for their exotic flavors and colors, as when ripe it takes on intense purple tones both in the closest leaves. to the buds as well as to the entire flower. As you can imagine, Black Water Og Cheese is a mostly indica genetics, therefore its growth as a Christmas pine is assured, for this reason we advise you to do some pruning and cleaning in the lower and middle branches to enhance the growth of the flowering buds. . This plant is ready to be harvested after 8 – 10 weeks of flowering indoors, that is, for the beginning or mid-October outdoors.


Black Water Purple OG Marijuana Plant


For crops that are full of purple buds from the second week of flowering, for this reason, we advise lowering the temperatures of the indoor growing area or waiting for the end of summer for outdoor gardeners. You can harvest 400gr – 600gr / m2 indoors, while outdoors it rewards you with 350gr / plant.

Not only the purple buds make this plant an exotic strain but also its flavor, as we have already indicated, since it concentrates sweet berry tones, notes and fragrances of cheese and a refreshing aftertaste of pine with wood and humid earth, in synthesis a taste of another planet.


Tropicana Cookies Purple

First of all, we want to warn you that this genetics is incredible, since it comes from a cross of Purple Punch x Tropicana Cookies, two super genetics that give it a mostly Indica character and make its buds a purple that is intensified as which advances the flowering of weed plants. If you are a lover of the hashish Tropicana Cookies Purple, it will not only reward you with its incredible purple buds but also with a delicious flavor of incense and hashish accompanied by sweet fruit notes. All of the above is enhanced with the high power of THC that ranges from 21% – 22%.


Tropicana Cookies Purple Marijuana Plant


It is also necessary to highlight the heavy yields that it delivers, since outdoors you can harvest 400gr – 550gr / plant, while gardeners who grow indoors will obtain 400gr – 600gr / m2 of resinous, purple and tasty buds.

Attention smokers and growers, because this indication will cause a mental effect like a high, and then go to a state of happiness with lazy laughter and giggly sensations, if you smoke it in small doses and do not exceed the limits of insurance, Tropicana Cookies Purple will lift your spirits. Anyway, don’t forget to try this purple genetic of great qualities and that will surely make you fall in love.


Blueberry Baddaz Og

Blueberry Baddaz Og is another of our strain that takes purple tones in its flowers as it matures, the color is a mixture between purple and reddish that give it a unique exotic image. This variety is born after the famous Blueberry x Og Kush was crossed, for this reason it is mostly indica and surprises novice farmers because it is very easy to grow. The potency of this girl is super strong as she has THC levels ranging from 19% – 24% in her purple buds, which can be harvested after 7 – 9 weeks of flowering indoors, for outdoor breeders they can harvest between late September and mid-October. We also tell you that this girl’s crops are heavy because outdoor you can pick 600gr – 700gr/plant, while 450gr/m2.


Blueberry Badazz OG Marijuana Plant


Now, to stimulate the purple color of the buds, we recommend lowering the temperature of the grow room a bit, another trick that may work is to water the plant during the second or third week of flowering with a little ice water, just water. This cold can stimulate the production of purple flavonoids.

The flavors of this genetics are Berry with notes of wood and sandalwood, it is a sweet aroma that relaxes the palate as well as the effect that Blueberry Baddaz OG produces, since at the beginning of the smoke it appears as slightly energetic and very cheerful, but as you smoke more, it gently relaxes you.