Growing Marijuana on a Budget

Some people think that growing marijuana indoors is difficult and expensive. That is why we bring you this grow guide to help you build your own interior garden easily and at a low cost. In this tutorial, we are going to show you three different models for building your indoor garden depending on your budget. In addition, we will teach you some essential tips to help you optimize your indoor cultivation.

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The tiny marijuana indoor

This type of indoor is generally used by people with a reduced budget because it is low-cost, possibly the cheapest on the market. In addition, the tiny indoor for marijuana is occupied by gardeners who have small spaces in their houses. If either of these factors apply to you, we recommend using this type of indoor. Now, we are going to tell you what this type of grow tent consists of.

Small cabinets generally measure 60cm x 60cm or 24 ”x 24”. This type of indoor is great for growers who want something discreet or have little available space. Beginners breeders also tend to choose this type of indoor. When you have a Tiny indoor, it will not measure more than 1.60m high or 48”. The plants do not reach a height higher than 60cm or 24” which guarantees a great harvest.

What do you need to build your tiny indoor marijuana?

At this point, we are going to highlight each of the things you need to grow your great tiny indoor.

Tent or Closet

A small 60 x 60 cabinet that you can get in any grow store is of great help because it can be located in small places in your house and does not take up much space. It is discreet and perfect for a new farmer. Also, you can use a closet in your house or apartment which you must cover with mylar paper. This makes it possible for the light to be reflected in order to help the plants throughout the growth process. Mylar paper can also be bought in a grow shop and it is one of the cheapest alternatives when it comes to lining a structure for cultivation.


For growing in small spaces, we recommend using LED lights because they do not emit too much heat and the plants will be able to develop well. In addition, the energy consumption of led lights is lower, so your electricity bill will not go up much. On the other hand, we must say that LED lights today have state-of-the-art technology that allows for amazing yields both for the flowers and their magnificent structure as well as for the large weights they produce. Another economical option is the use of energy-saving bulbs. However, you should be careful to use cold bulbs of white light and then switch to warm or orange bulbs.


You can use a 6” fan for the interior of the tent to help you move the air inside. You can also complement it with the use of a 4” injection fan that is connected to a hose to help extract or enter air into the indoor area. This whole system will help your plants throughout the process and they will thank you with a beautiful harvest.


A timer is essential to keep indoor growing automated. In the market, there are digital and manual timers. The latter we recommend because it will help you keep your crop automated for 24 hours a day and are cheaper than their digital counterparts.

Temperature and humidity meter

You will also need a thermometer/hydrometer. You can pick the cheapest option that can be found in any grow shop. With this device, you can measure both the temperature and the humidity indoors which gives you exact parameters to avoid the proliferation of pests and fungi such as mold or powdery mildew, among others. Having a humidity/temperature meter is essential because both temperature and humidity are essential factors for plants to grow and flower in a healthy way.

Finally, this type of indoor has a cost of 150 – 200 dollars, making it one of the cheapest alternatives.

Perfect cannabis strains for Tiny marijuana indoor

As we have already pointed out, the ideal variety for this type of indoor is auto-flowering. For this reason, we are going to recommend 2 strains for your tiny indoor marijuana.


Grizzly Purple Auto

Grizzly Purple Auto is a fast-growing and flowering autoflowering genetic that also has a compact size. This strain is perfect for growing in small spaces because it develops in a great way and blooms with fat, heavy, and resin-covered buds.

Grizzly Purple Auto Marijuana Plant


Girl Scout Cookies Auto

The autoflowering version of Girl Scout Cookies is ideal for all gardeners looking for a quick harvest with good production and powerful buds. In addition, the plants of this variety stand out for their compact size when grown in soil and for their giant size with heavy yields when kept in hydroponic systems.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Cannabis Plant


The micro marijuana indoor

Now we will talk about the indoor system in micro size. This type of growing system is characterized by using a tent of 80cm x 80cm x 1.60cm or 32” x 32” x 64”. On the other hand, if you have a space of these measurements in your house like an old closet or similar, an indoor of this style will be perfect. Your cannabis plants can measure 35” and 42” or 88cm to 100cm in height. For this reason, we recommend autoflowering strains or feminized, mostly indica varieties which tend to have a more compact size. Also, Fast Blooming strain can be used as they tend to grow thin and are easy to grow for new gardeners.

In this type of cultivation, it is recommended to have a maximum of 2 to 6 weed plants. Here, you can apply cultivation techniques such as SCROG if you want to have only 1 or 2 plants. In addition, you can use other cultivation techniques such as SOG to optimize the cultivation space and the harvest.

What kind of pot can I use for an indoor micro?

We recommend that you use 5L – 7L pots to optimize the growing space. Preferably, the pots should be square to reduce the loss of space. For this setup, you can use 2 – 6 pots. You can also use 3L pots in case you want to make a SOG. In this type of cultivation, you can put 10 – 12 3L pots inside your indoor. With this technique, you will obtain the main cola full of buds and the sides hardly develop. 

We must clarify that there are certain points such as lighting, ventilation, and filters that change in this size of indoor. Therefore, they are different from the previous size.


You can use a lighting system with HPS lights with Halide for growth and Sodium for flowering. The necessary power is 250w because it provides the necessary lumens for the plant. It is possible to use led lighting and it is generally recommended to use 300w led panels, thereby saving energy and money. For this size of indoor, it is not recommended to use low consumption lights because the spectrum is lost inside the grow tent.


It is necessary to utilize a more advanced ventilation system in this type of cultivation. This is because the space is bigger too, increasing the number of plants inside and the power of the lighting. For this reason, we recommend using a clip fan to move the air inside. In addition, an air inlet is needed to bring fresh air into the tent or closet. And finally, an air extractor to remove the dirty air in order to prevent the plants from suffering from any diseases.

The other instruments such as the humidity/temperature meter, the timer to control the lighting hours, and so on, must be maintained.


Perfect cannabis strains for Micro marijuana indoor

Original Clon

Original Clon is perfect for growing Micro Marijuana Indoor because it is medium in size and easy to grow for both beginner and expert gardeners. In addition, cultivation with techniques such as SCROG makes this mostly indica strain an ideal one because it grows well in small 3L pots with only a central tail loaded with compact and rock-hard buds. If you are a farmer who likes to experiment with your crops, with Original Clon in a SOG crop, you can harvest from 450g – 500g / m2.

Original Clon Marijuana Plant


Green Crack

Green Crack is a mostly sativa strain that stands out for its abundant growth and flowering. This strain adapts well to small spaces and is easy to grow. If you want to do SOG or SCROG, this strain will help you a lot because it is perfect for both cultivation techniques and will provide you with 600g / m2. Now, we can say that this indoor has a value of 400 – 550 dollars. The cost is a little higher than the previous one, however, it is still within the budget of many breeders.

Green Crack Cannabis Plants


The classic marijuana indoor

 This growing system is also known as “standard” because it is used by growers all over the world. This is because it provides a good space to grow a good number of plants and also allows number of different things. Here is what you will need to develop this type of garden:


It is necessary to say that standard grow tents tend to be larger in size. We will focus on a 108 “x 48” x 80 “ tent or 2.74m x 1.20m x 2.3m. These types of tents have 3 chambers and are a great help for farmers who enjoy growing cuttings or clones. The above because they have a main cultivation chamber where the flowering process can also be carried out, two chambers, one of them small, where clones can be propagated and another slightly larger one where gardeners perform plant growth.

Without a doubt, this type of grow tent is for more advanced and experienced gardeners, those who want to get the most out of their plants. If you are a beginning grower, we recommend that you start with a more basic grow kit so that you can learn and gain experience.


For fans of this type of grow tent, we must warn you that you will need to invest some money on a good ventilation system. First, the main chamber must have a 6″ air inlet to allow the plants to have fresh air. Also, there must be an air extractor that eliminates dirty and hot air. You also have to have a fan that moves the air in the main chamber. It requires a system of pipes both to extract air and supply it. On the other hand, it also requires a system of filters to reduce the impact of the odor emitted by plants, especially in flowering. You should not forget the 2 smaller chambers which must also have a fan each in order to allow both the propagation of the cuttings as well as the growth of the seedlings prior to their passage to flowering.


For growing in cabinets of this style, it is recommended to use timers for each chamber according to the needs of the garden. For example, in the main chamber, you can use 2 timers, one for lighting and the other to control the exhaust fan. Some breeders add a third timer for more effective fan control.

Regarding the other 2 cameras, 1 timer is used for each camera with which the lighting system of each small camera is controlled. In short, the amount of timers you use will depend on the needs of the garden and how you want it to work.

Temperature and humidity meter

This is important to highlight because each indoor chamber needs measurements for humidity and temperature which are adapted to the needs of each area. That is why it is necessary to recommend that you have humidity and temperature meters in each of the three chambers because, for example, clones need a certain humidity and temperature for their propagation.

On the other hand, developing plants require different parameters, just like flowering plants, which need a specific humidity and temperature for an optimal environment.

Perfect cannabis strains for Classic marijuana indoor

For gardeners who want to grow indoors in the classic style, you can harvest larger cannabis plants and acquire heavy yields. Here, we recommend two strains for indoor growing with large and incredible harvests.


Gelato (left) is a hybrid strain that is incredible in indoor cultivation. For this reason, we recommend it for the Classic Indoor Marijuana because you will be able to obtain the maximum performance of this variety in this type of indoor.

Gelato will reward you with harvests of 500gr / m2 of delicious buds of exotic colors. You can see this in the following image where Gelato has been grown indoors with a surprising size and production.

Gelato Bruce Banner Cannabis Plants


Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner (right) is a cross of OG kush x Strawberry Diesel, therefore, it is considered a hybrid strain which surprises novice and expert growers.  This strain is perfect for large indoor growing because its size allows it to occupy the entire growing space, as you can see in the picture. In 20L pots indoors, Bruce Banner grows monstrously, producing heavy yields. The buds turn dark tones when they mature and the tails of the plants are usually dense, completely covered with resin, and exude a delicious aroma.

Of all the indoor already seen, this is the most expensive and has a value that ranges from 800 – 1000 dollars. For this reason, we recommend it to more expert farmers at an advanced level because they can maximize the yield in their indoor crops. Now, it is in your hands to choose the growing set-up that best suits your budget.

We wish you only the best in each crop. Don’t forget to buy your seeds here at Blimburn Seeds Bank where we have the best feminized cannabis seeds. Our seeds are designed for beginning growers as well as cannabis experts and connoisseurs.

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