Best Tips and Tricks To Dry And Cure Your Cannabis Buds

Drying and curing our cannabis flowers is an important part of the growing process to obtain resinous and quality buds. These tips and tricks are perfect for beginners and some careless veterans.

If it is the first time you have grown a cannabis plant, you are looking forward to reaping the fruits of such a long awaited time. However, as in growing everything, this takes time.

When should I cut the branches of my plant to dry?

Not all plants have the same flowering or ripening period. Therefore, it is important to wait until you notice a deficit in your leaves. In other words, when the leaves start to take on a yellow color and the pistils and trichomes have a darker color, that is the time to prune.

Sometimes the lower flowers are not yet fully developed. However, the flowers at the top are. In these cases, you can cut the upper branches first. In other words, you don’t have to cut your marijuana plant completely if all of them are not yet at full maturity.

How long is the drying time?

When you get your first harvest and weigh it, you have to keep in mind that 50 to 70% will be reduced once your buds go through the drying and curing process. Also, the drying time can vary depending on how you proceed with the drying process. There are two methods to dry your buds:

  1. Without manicuring

It is the process by which we cut the branches or buds of our cannabis plant and let them dry in a closed and dark place with an optimal temperature of 22º C and 50% humidity.

  1. Manicuring

It is the process by which we manicure our leaves before cutting our branches. In other words, we leave only the cannabis flowers that our cannabis plant has produced. Subsequently, we let them dry in a closed and dark place with an optimal temperature of 22º C and 50% humidity.

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In conclusion, both methods are valid to dry our cannabis buds. However, by manicuring our plant, we reduce the drying time. Finally, we encourage you to try these two drying methods on your crops.

Where to dry my buds?

As we have said in the previous point, the most important thing is a closed and dark environment. In addition to providing a temperature of 22º C and 50% humidity.

If at the end of the indoor harvest your closet is free, this is a good option for drying. It is important to hang your buds so that they are upside down and separated from each other for better aeration and to prevent mold.

You can also use drying nets to place your buds on in case you don’t want to place your buds one by one. Finally, both methods are effective if you keep the place in optimal conditions.

You can also build a drying place out of a cardboard box. However, this is not the best option as cardboard absorbs moisture and odors.

When to cure your cannabis buds?

The best time to cure your cannabis buds is when they have been drying for at least one to two weeks. In addition, it is important to observe your buds every day.

When a week has passed, you can take a branch and bend it in half. It is important to notice how the branch makes a snap and bends. However, if you have overdried it, you will notice how your branch breaks like a dry stick.

When you have noticed that your buds are ready to be preserved, the best option is to store them in airtight glass jars. In addition to keeping and preserving the humidity better, it also retains the aromas better. In the first two weeks, you should open your glass jars at least twice a day for fifteen minutes so that the retained humidity can escape to the outside.

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Source: MJPICS

Finally, after two weeks, we can put a sachet of gel inside to preserve and maintain the humidity. In addition, our buds must have a humidity inside the jar between 58% and 62% and an optimal temperature of 22º C to conserve all their properties.

When can I test my buds?

Some veterans manage to keep their most valuable harvests for more than 6 months. However, if it is your first time and you want to taste your first harvest, we advise you to separate your harvest in several jars. Also, wait a minimum of two or three weeks to taste your harvest.

As time passes, you can open your jars once a week for about fifteen minutes. In addition, it is important to keep an eye on our buds for possible appearances of mold.


The Blimburn team hopes you liked the article. If the cultivation of your cannabis plants requires a decent amount of time, drying and curing are equally important to delight you with good cannabis buds.

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